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Website revamp that delivers conversions

How Yard Dawgs increased conversion rates by 5%+ with productization to sell services and a modern, customer centric approach to website redesign.

Prodigitas did a phenomenal job where our site is now converting 5%+ consistently!

Liam Sunstrum, Founder - Yard Dawgs Lawn Care


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Yard Dawgs is a Canadian lawn care company that strives to provide quality lawn care services. It was founded in 2004 by Liam Sunstrum and James Szojka to help consumers with their yard care needs following the simple motto: "Integrity in everything we do."

However, in spite of providing top notch yard services and receiving a lot of traffic on their website, Yard Dawgs was struggling with a very low conversion rate. They knew that their website was hard to navigate and their users simply weren’t getting what they came for.



Yard Dawgs was facing the following challenges with their website:

High website traffic with a very low conversion into actual sales.

Low visitor engagement.

A dated look and feel of the website

Not mobile friendly

The payment flow was not properly integrated.

Lot of content and resources but not easy discoverability



Prodigitas was approached to provide effective solutions for restructuring the website for maximum output. Liam Sunstrum worked very closely with the Prodigitas team to update the website.

Well thought out Information Architecture to ensure content is easily accessible

Smooth user experience to encourage conversions

Recommend and implement payment integrations

Build a responsive site for all screen sizes

Make the look of the site current with design trends

The process





Extensive research and in- depth interactions with Yard Dawgs team was done by the Prodigitas team, in order to gather enough information to understand what users needed from the website. This would in turn help them to convert traffic into actual sales. The user research conducted gave the Prodigitas team information about user personas and provided valuable insights into how users are likely to interact with the site.

Competitive research was also conducted to map the user journeys on competitor websites. The best practices of competitors were studied and were later incorporated into the new Yard Dawgs website.

Liam was very clear that he wanted to productize his services, making it easier for website visitors to choose what they need and convert them to customers. He worked extensively on creating packages, These were brought to life by us using best practices from other online selling platforms.

The last thing was to redo the look and feel of the website to ensure that it was attractive, easy to navigate, and as user friendly as possible. Founder, Liam Sunstrum was extremely responsive with a lot of valuable feedback which helped to make the process smooth. Prodigitas was able to achieve the desired look and feel of the Yard Dawgs website fairly quickly.

Key Upgrades

Interactives website - flip cards

Engaging Visitors

An interactive and modern site was built to attract more visitors and  drive better engagement, which in turn results in increasing time spent on the site.

Interactive Content

Run of the mill content strategies hardly work.  We built interactive quizzes, a learning centre, easily accessible support and easy to use quote requests to help users at various stages of their journey and maximise conversions.

engaging quizzes
learning centre

Learning Centre

We designed a learning / knowledge centre with a blog and other high converting marketing assets like ebooks, manuals, cheat sheets etc.; making them easily accessible for visitors.

Selling Services online

Capturing leads with easily discoverable  packages and quote form. We built a world class, frictionless payment system with subscriptions, add ons and one time payments through a custom Stripe API integration.

selling services online-2
Mega Menu

Mega Menu

Rebuilding the old website's content structure, we improved the old website's content organization with an intuitive mega menu making information easy to find and accessible.

Mobile first

A mobile-first approach was taken to ensure the website works well on small screens delivering a world class mobile and tablet experience. Separate screens and mock-ups were built to ensure a completely responsive website.

MOBILE first

Final result

5%+ Conversion rate| Modern & eye catching design| Engaging| Interactive Content| Responsive| Easy to navigate|

landscape - collage


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Wow! Prodigitas did such a great job on the website. They basically started from scratch and fully redesigned the entire site and did a phenomenal job where our site is now converting 5%+ consistently. Great job!

- Liam Sunstrum

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